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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not bad, good concept, fun to play, except for the lag, and some assorted ease of play issues.

It looks very majestic when you do those tall leaps out of the water, and come down and dive to the bottom... but you can't control yourself once you get back into the water. it does not feel smooth, and can get very annoying if you just took down a boat.

I noticed that when you're feeding on someone your trajectory of movement tends to shove them around as well... which is cool, except for when you're trying to get at them and they're on the edge of the screen, then they just escape. or, even worse, if you push them up, out of the water, they just keep floating up. o.0

good art, and a fun game all in all though. i had no idea how prevalent boating was amongst pregnant women.

Jim carrey Sound Board . Jim carrey Sound Board .

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Jim Carrey sucks, so do low quality sounds.

Jim Carrey is the worst actor to hit big screens since the entire cast of porkies came into existance. I feel sorry for his mother and father, if they havent killed themselves yet for giving birth to the largest abomination on earth; nay, in this very solar system.

To top that off, the soundbyte quality in this submission varies, some are ok, many are quite bad... several fade out before they are over.

Keep making flash, but for gods sakes, dont ever mention this overrated POS actor again.